The Sexual Addictions Recovery Programme

Video On-Demand Self Help Series 1-4

The Kairos Sexual Addictions Recovery Programme has helped hundreds of people, just like you, recover from love, sex and porn addiction. And based on our experience, we recognise the need to access the Sexual Addictions Recovery Programme instantly. Therefore we are very proud to present the World’s first Video On-Demand Self Help Series.

We have partnered with Vimeo to give you access to the full programme as on-demand videos. Vimeo is the No. 1 premium video on-demand service provider for thousands of online learning, educational and tutorial based programmes. We’ve put our trust in Vimeo, and you can put your trust in us, to deliver a 100% confidential experience all in the comfort and safety of your own home.

The World’s First
Video On-Demand
Self Help Series.

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The Sexual Addictions Recovery Programme is all about finding the real you and on the journey, expect to recover from Sex, porn, Love Addiction. It is about rewiring the addicted brain, based upon our evolving knowledge of Neuroscience.

The Sexual Addictions process is an interaction of impairments in three fundamental systems: Affect regulation, Motivation-reward and Behavioural inhibition. Treatment is focused on all three areas. Consequently, we know the addiction exists because there are unresolved past childhood issues.

Booking a Sexual Addictions Diagnostic Session will put you on a sounder footing, resourced, equipped and past issues resolved. As a result you will understand your own self-soothing and therefore have an enhanced ability to achieve sobriety.

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The Kairos Sexual Addictions Recovery Programme is now available as an ‘On Demand’ videos. Most importantly, you have complete flexibility in terms of managing your learning outcomes. Furthermore you can manage your time and budget, from the comfort of your own home.

The Kairos Sexual Addictions Recovery Programme has been used successfully to help hundreds of people (just like you) on their road to sobriety. The Sexual Addictions Diagnostic Session and each of the 4 Series has been carefully curated to include all the information you require on the road to sobriety. Please see what’s included in each series or click on ‘read more’ for a more detailed overview.

Series 1-4

  • Video On Demand Series 1-4
  • Average weekly spend £45*
  • Option 1 – 4 Monthly Payments at £295
  • Option 2 – Single Payment £980

*’Average weekly spend’ is simulated over 21 weeks.

The Sexual Addictions Recovery Programme

Series 1-4 delivered by Video-on-demand.

Series 1: This is where it starts – SOBRIETY!
-6 Videos On-Demand + Digital Workbook 1

Series 2: Psycho-Education – “In all your getting, get understanding”
-6 Videos On-Demand + Digital Workbook 2

Series 3: Neuroscience of the Brain & Brain Response to Trauma and life’s issues
-6 Videos On-Demand + Digital Workbook 3

Series 4: Maintaining your gain, Banking it and at the same time Avoid Relapse – for the long term
-3 Videos On-Demand + Digital Workbook 4

Please note that we strongly advise enrolling in a Diagnostic Session before you embark on Series 1-4.


Diagnostic Session

  • One-to-One Diagnostic Session
  • Average weekly spend £79*

*’Average weekly spend’ is simulated over 5 weeks.

Sexual Addictions Diagnostic Session

One-to-One Sessions with a Senior Therapist.

The process begins with 3 x One-to-One History Taking Sessions via secure and encrypted webcam. Your Senior Kairos Therapist will then complete 2 x Feedback Sessions providing feedback as an informed hypothesis.

We strongly recommend booking a Diagnostic Session as the first step in your journey to recovery.

If you are unsure of anything, please call us for a friendly and confidential chat.

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