Kairos Changement Series: 1-4

Kairos Changement Series: 1-4

£1,180.00 £980.00


Changement Series 1-4 delivered by Video-on-demand – Diagnostic Session NOT included!

Save £200 today. Buy all 4 Series today and you can benefit from a £200 discount. Please note there is NO Diagnostic Session with this option – Are you really sure? What a loss! But here it is in this price structure if you are determined to chose this one.

The Kairos Changement Video-on-demand Series 1-4, purchased with an upfront payment of £980:
-Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 (21 Videos)


Kairos Changement Series 1-4

Series 1: This is where it starts – SOBRIETY!

Series 2: Psycho-Education – “In all your getting, get understanding”

Series 3: Neuroscience of the Brain & Brain Response to Trauma and life’s issues

Series 4: Maintaining your gain, Banking it and at the same time Avoid Relapse – for the long term

Also included – Digital Workbooks: 1-4


Each Kairos Changement Series is accompanied with a detailed Workbook helping you to understand all of the content shared. Consequently, it’s easy and convenient to review when you’re not using a screen or even when you are offline completely.

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