Sex & Love Addiction Workshop

Dates: Saturday 23rd March 2024
Time: 10am – 4.30pm 
Venue: Online via Zoom
Cost: £60 for BAATN Members, £65 for non-members, £55 for student members
Facilitator: Gary McFarlane


Porn viewing has increased exponentially since Covid-19 lock down and is impacting individuals from age 10 to 75 years old. Sexual habits and outlets have changed since lock down, with an increased use of webcam outlets, likely causing many more to find they have a compulsion which won’t stop.


Mills & Boons, Nancy Friday, Fifty Shades of Grey, The Millennium Wolves, 365 days are all vying for increased love addiction attention. Men & porn – “tut, tut, tut”. Women and erotic literature and movies – “What’s the problem”?


If you’re thinking of adding Sex, Porn, and Love addiction counselling to your skillset, this is a “taster” one day workshop to give you increased knowledge, not competency to work with this client group. This client group includes, women and men of all ages, children and those who have crossed legal boundaries and face criminal proceedings. They are all present in our case load.


Who should attend the workshop?
All Therapists, counsellors, youth leaders, Pastoral workers and anyone who come across issues of sex in their work or do not know whether sex is unspoken (but is in the room) and want to become knowledgeable to work with the issues up to a level.

Working With Sex in The Therapy Room

Date: Saturday 25 May 2024
Time: 10:00am – 4:30pm
Venue: Online via Zoom
Facilitator: Gary McFarlane
Is sex the elephant in the room which neither therapist or client will mention? Is this due to your own views and experience with sex and sexuality? Lack of accurate knowledge? Clues are often offered by clients, to check the Therapist’s comfort level. Become comfortable, raising a conversation about sex with clients.
Perhaps only 20% of clients actually need a Psychosexual Therapist and most sexual issues can be addressed by counsellors who are comfortable with the issues and subject matter. Become one of them.