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The Kairos Centre provide professional therapy and counselling across the full spectrum of Sex Therapy services for couples and individuals.

Loss of Desire: “I know I should want to, but I can’t muster the desire. Is there something wrong with me? I don’t really miss it that much. What’s all the hype?”

“Had the babies, got the man, lost interest in Sex. What’s going on?”

Lack of Orgasm: “I’m told I will know it when I do, but I don’t. May be I have; perhaps not; guess I can’t; did I miss it? The earth didn’t move for me! What I have is ok, but I am curious if I am missing something else”.

Erectile Disorder: “This is a big deal; don’t know what to do; what else to try. My mind says I do want to, but my body just won’t respond. The harder I and we try the more pressure causes it to subside and wane away before I can…I have read that it is very common, but that ain’t making me feel better.”

Viagra not always a long term fix.

”Can my medication have something to do with it? I am only on diabetes and hypertension medication”.

Vaginismus/Unable to penetrate: “It hurts so much when he tries to enter me. I want him to, but it just won’t go in. I try to relax, but we fail. It’s taking a toll on the relationship. I can understand how he feels. It’s my problem. I need to sort it, don’t I?”

Sex in age: ”So sex isn’t just for a younger generation then. Help us to understand what changes. What improves!

Pain during intercourse/Dyspareunia: “Make the pain go away. I love him, but…”

Sex and disability: “So we can then! We certainly do. But there are differences. We are inventive!”

Premature Ejaculation: “It finishes oh so quickly. I feel for him; but it has left me high and dry and frustrated for so long. What can we do? We have tried lots of things, but nothing lasts for long and the problem still returns. What is it we are not doing? Will it be like this for life? Is it me and caused by my excesses in younger life?”

“Is it because of all the porn I have been watching since I was aged 10 years old?”

Female Ejaculation: “Nonsense! Women don’t ejaculate. If they did, what would it be? I know a girlfriend that does. She says it’s the best thing. Can I experience it?”

G-spot orgasm: “Fact of fiction? Different types of orgasms, Fact or fiction? Multiple orgasms. Fact or fiction? Squirting. Is it pee or other fluid? Fact or fiction? It happens to me. Normal or is there something wrong with me? Can I do that? Should I be doing that? Is that what is being called female ejaculation?”

Consummation: “We know we are suppose to know, but we don’t. How do we do it – have sexual intercourse that is? My marriage was arranged. We were both so lacking in knowledge and information.”

Masturbation: “…or is it self-pleasuring? Therapeutic or unwanted? Does it have a place in our relationship? I caught him doing it. I was so hurt. I couldn’t understand why he would need to do it. I felt…”

Sexual Addictions: “Does it really exist or is it better described as a healthy interest in sex, more than most people? I caught him viewing porn on the Internet. I caught her in a chat room and the things they were saying was very suggestive. I found stuff on his mobile phone that undermined my trust. I find myself wanting to check his phone and phone bills and look at the history log on his PC. I find myself searching his pockets. I feel so…”

Singles/Couples: “So it’s not just for couples then. I can get counselling and sex therapy for me alone as a single person?”

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What Our Clients Say…

More than a Counselling and Therapy service. This was all about reclaiming my quality of living life.

“After a great deal of soul searching I have decided that now is the time for me to end my therapy sessions with you. You have taken me on a journey of self discovery which has proven incredibly helpful and will continue to be invaluable to me as I move forwards to wholeness.”

Steve, London

“I was so ashamed of who I was. In my eyes, I was too ugly on the inside to reveal myself. I feared that if I did let people know, those I loved would totally reject and judge me for some of the things I’ve done. I struggled with love addiction because of some things that traumatised me through life finding that many of those incidents occurred in my childhood years. Kairos has been an amazing help on my journey of life. I have learnt so much about my brain and how it can be my best friend. I feel like my journey to freedom has begun. I’m hopeful of complete change and I’m learning to let go and love myself.”

Elliot, Bath

“Thanks again for all your hard work. You know when all is said and done and I look back on my life you will truly be remembered as a person who actually made a real difference. Thank you for the most excellent therapy & invaluable tools you have have shared- I will be forever thankful.”

Karen, Widnes

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