Have some Diagnostic sessions with me:

You cannot see what you cannot see. You cannot change that which you cannot see; don’t understand; not aware of; because this is me, being me; doing life how I do life – “what’s the problem”? Problem is, there is a problem. Deep down I know it. I am not functioning at my full potential.

My business decisions could be better; my career choices could be better; my creativity could be better; my relationship relating could be better. Time to move stuff from the unseen; from the unconscious into the conscious. That which I can better see; now see, I get a chance to do something about; I get a chance to begin change. That which I can better see; because it has been moved into the visible; into the seen; into the consciousness; have put a highlighter pen through it; I can now go after.

Have a five sessions Diagnostic (50 minutes session) with me for a modest fixed fee of £395 – to identify the invisible stuff in your life, living in the unconscious. Let’s put a highlighter pen through some stuff in your life so you can begin the process of change.

Change starts when you can see the problem; change is a continuum; but you start on the continuum because the stuff is now conscious. It can never be the same again. Get it!

“The difference between you and what you see, is based on what you hear; What you hear, is based on who you listen to; who you listen to, determines what you hear; what you hear determines what you see; what you see, determines how you respond; how you respond, determines what you experience. So, if you want to change your experiences, you have to shift your sources.

No more hearsay or what he said; what she said; what they said.

Get the truths from authentic sources. Believe them; act on them and experience a better” – Tauren Wells

Gary is available to offer you his Mentoring skills and/or Supervision.

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