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Many people experience some type of wounding during early development and learn to manage their emotions, but sometimes it gets the better of them. Want to know more and better understand? You find yourself doing the very things you determine not to do and do not do the things that you desire to do. How does that happen? Maybe family scripts? The baton unwittingly passed on. Will you in turn pass the baton on as well?

You can see repeated patterns in your past. The problems are often a recreation of unresolved and unprocessed childhood issues. If you could locate them, you would have done so by now and healed yourself. There is often a massive connection between the adult self and the unfinished and unresolved, unexplained business of childhood. There are patterns aimed at repairing past painful or traumatic events from childhood. If you think you have few memories from childhood, that in itself is very significant!

It is estimated that over 90% of Couples Partnerships and Marriage conflicts are around trying to get individual Core Emotional Needs met. This includes the individuals resort to Fight, Flight and/or Freeze. Alongside that, the individual often find themself compromising, trashing and undermining their dearly held “Values”, which (in other situations) they would not contemplate doing).

Sex Addict Counselling – Check Out Our Effective Self Help Video On-Demand Series.

The Worlds First, fully comprehensive Video-on-Demand Sexual Addiction Recovery Programme is here.  Therefore you can learn what drives you to be a love, porn or sex addict. As a result you’ll find counselling for sex addicts that is really effective.

Start the recovery journey now and give yourself renewed confidence within within 6 weeks.  Everything can be downloaded discreetly in the comfort of your own home. Therefore you can start your recovery immediatly – without shame.

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Sex Addict Therapy

Sex Addict Therapy Sex Addiction, is otherwise called hypersexuality, Ego-dystonic Hypersexuality, Sexual Impulse Control Disorder, Sexual Compulsivity or Paraphilic and non-Paraphilic sexual behaviour. It is a maladaptive pattern of sexual behaviour leading to clinically significant impairment or distress, as manifested by three or more [...]


Porn Addict Therapy

Porn Addict Therapy. Porn addiction, like drugs and alcohol addiction, tends to require increase or vary over time. Therefore in order to get to the same level of arousal and stimulation, your behaviours may become more frequent or severe. Sexual compulsive and addiction behaviours [...]


Love Addict Therapy

Love Addict Therapy Love addiction is very real, and we can help provide Love Addict Therapy. Mostly seen in women, the Love addict has very intense emotions including anger, fear, hate and love for the other person. At its root hides issues of childhood [...]


Support For Partners

Support For Partners of Sex Addicts “Once again he/she gets the attention and is using up the household income on their own therapy and I am left carrying their stuff on my own”. This is an understandable complaint don’t you think? Partners, that is [...]


Relationships Counselling

Relationships Counselling In 2014 a group of artists in England asked thousands of people one question: “What is your happiest memory?” The responses were nearly always about relationships of one kind or another. There was a longing for relationship and home. Less than 1% [...]


Advanced Sexual Practices

Advanced Sexual Practices Advanced Sex Practices - advanced learnings for those who want to know & learn "bringing about healthy, progressive conversations about sex” Many Christians have a restricted view of what is right and not okay for Christians as a sexual outlet and activities [...]


Anger, Resentment, Rage, Revenge

Anger, Resentment, Rage, Revenge as an outlet or is it more about Powerlessness & Fear? Handle the emotions; Release the emotions – Differently. Anger is not to be condemned or quashed. It is an appropriate physiological response, but being manifested in an inappropriate manner. Anger [...]

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