Are you worried about Singleness? You find yourself doing the very things you determine not to do and do not do the things that you desire to do. How does that happen? Maybe family scripts? The baton unwittingly passed on. Will you in turn pass the baton on as well? You can see repeated patterns in your past. The problems are often a recreation of unresolved and unprocessed childhood issues. If you could locate them, you would have done so by now and healed yourself.

There is often a massive connection between the adult self and the unfinished and unresolved, unexplained business of childhood. There are patterns aimed at repairing past painful or traumatic events from childhood. If you think you have few memories from childhood, that in itself is very significant!

Perhaps over 90% of relationship conflicts is around unconsciously trying to get individual Core Emotional Needs met and as such individuals resort to Fight, Flight and/or Freeze. Alongside that, the individual often finds themselves compromising, trashing and undermining their dearly held “Values”, which (in other situations) they would not contemplate doing).

Maybe a little bit of help is needed?

You have little hope of changing what you cannot see – because they live in the unconscious. The Singleness Diagnostic Session moves the issues from the unconscious to the conscious, enhancing your ability to affect them. Maybe a little bit of help is needed. Want to know more and better understand?

Take back control. Become the best that you can be with this life affecting and positive life changing Singleness Diagnostic Session.

For Singles and Individuals within a couple’s partnership or marriage the Singleness Diagnostic Session will usually take the form of preparation of a Time/Lifeline of the highs and lows of life from birth to the present, of what has gone into your script, shaping the life now being played out in adulthood from childhood development. Alongside, is the preparation of a Genogram/Family tree in order to view your journey as part of the wider family unit that you were a part of in childhood.

This Psycho-Educational journey will then equip you with insights and understanding as the unconscious issues are moved into the conscious, enabling you to make informed choices about possible change; change that can better reflect the future that you want for yourself. It is very usual and indeed expected (that just like the hundreds of clients for whom we have provided a Diagnosis) you too will leave with significant clarity. Clarity about the key issues which for many years have been blighting the quality of you living life to the full.

We certainly expect you to leave with many ‘aha’ moments and insights, even if “what do I now do next” is the challenge. Those “Eureka” insights are then choices you can make as to whether you do anything further after the Diagnostic session. The Diagnosis Session will provide a clear path towards fulfilling your goals, dreams and aspiration.

Take back control. Become the best that you can be and take back control over your life by having the Diagnostic Session.

We offer a brief telephone chat to answer any questions that you may have prior to booking. Text, email or phone The Kairos Centre.

Sessions will be via Secure webcam and so you can be based anywhere in the world and merely somewhere in the UK!

What can you expect by the end of the Diagnostic Session?

  • Help you to better understand the issues which have been affecting your quality of life
  • Identify and clarify your current negative affects
  • Better understand how your past has its tentacles in your present and is affecting your future
  • Identify a road-map what you can do to align your present with your desired future – Convergence
  • Create immediate actionable steps toward resolving the issues and your vision, goal and desire
  • Strategize around what steps you could usefully take to resolve them – should you be so inclined
  • Enhancing your capacity and ability to be the best that you can be

Each set of Diagnostic Sessions is booked as 5 x 50 minute sessions using secure encrypted webcam.

Postponement means another day in mediocracy

This will undoubtedly be a life changing experience. You know that you have needed and wanted to take a step like this in the past and have not quite known what to do and have postponed it repeatedly.

“Kairos” means “Your appointed time”. There comes a time in all our lives when the time and circumstance is exactly right. The time is exactly right – NOW. Don’t postpone again. Take action.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and 
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference
– Robert Frost.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to message The Kairos Centre.