Advanced Sexual Practices Programme

Advanced Sexual Practices Programme


Advanced Sex Practices – advanced learnings for those who want to know & learn

  • Aimed at couples wishing to advance their techniques and strengthen their bond.
  • A series of 5 x 50 minute sessions via secure and encrypted webcam.
  • Your Senior Kairos Therapist will help you bring about healthy, progressive conversations about sex.

Once purchased, please contact us to book your first 50 minutes session.

Your follow up sessions will be booked during the first session.


Advanced Sex Practices – advanced learnings for those who want to know & learn…

“bringing about healthy, progressive conversations about sex”

Many Christians have a restricted view of what is right and not okay for Christians as a sexual outlet and activities in marriage. Unapologetically, these Advanced Sexual Practices is aimed at Christians who want to get up close and cozy in a chat about the questions they can’t easily ask in church, to the minister and sometimes even with another mature Christian couple. They would like to ask a knowledgeable person, questions on sex that is not easy after dinner conversations.

Come and ask those questions of a knowledgeable and experienced sex therapist.

Let us put forward a relationship health warning though – your couple relationship needs to be working “good enough”, not perfect but free of constant or regular, frequent conflicts; so that there is a readily available level of harmony lending itself to joint “loving session” homework for a minimum of 2 or 3 sessions per week (at home) as practice – of the techniques taught in the Advanced Sexual practice workshop sessions with individual couples in one hour weekly secure webcam sessions.

More than Song of Solomon, but let’s beginning with Song of Solomon and what the big toe can do before Ann Summers type gadgets!

Gary was taught to see Song of Solomon in the Bible as an allegory of Christ and the Church and tried for years to view it as that; “…but isn’t that bit talking about sex? …… seems like it to me…. No!”.

Until one day a realisation that “The king really does not have any clothes on. This is talking about sex; sex unapologetically. God put that book in the Bible and must be up for sex. . That book is hot, hot, hot stuff. I need a fan”.

He reasoned out that“. If God put that Book in the Bible, then there must be a lot to learn about man & woman and relationship, romance, sensuality, sexuality and sexual expression, because He Himself appears in the bedroom after the couple had just made love and seem to endorse what they had just done. Waaaaww!!”. So, he wrote a Book about it: “ Song of Solomon for lovers”.

Come and let’s unravel its findings and get your John 10: 10b “excess”,” in abundance”, “overflowing” – in your sex life together.

The work will be one of up close and cozy in the form oof a log firs chat – albeit via secure webcam Online setting.

Here are some of the subject matters. And all this, sometimes before breakfast, before a first cup of coffee and may be on a Sunday, in the kitchen! And thunder & lightning may still not strike. Too radical. Come and chat.

  • So, you know the basics!
  • The Couple have been in a long-term relationship and the harmony between you is consistently “good enough”
  • You have practiced the basics
  • You now want to know what the big toe can do!
  • Before you run off to Ann Summers, and the likes for gadgets
  • Swinging from the chandeliers with joy, is a distinct possibility
  • Not just a about positions and more advanced positions
  • How many spots are there? The G-spot, the P-spot, the C-spot, the A-spot – what spot does what?
  • Does it have to be called Tantric?
  • The male G-spot; what is it? Where is it?
  • Multi-orgasmic or just one please – all things in moderation
  • What is this thing about “squirting” – more than with water pistols!
  • Does that really work? Will it work with us?
  • “Edging & Delaying” – what are they?
  • Fairplay
  • Is oral sex mentioned in the Bible?
  • Vulva/Vagina massage “non-sexual”
  • Penis massage “non-sexual”
  • Gottman quizzes
  • Gadgets or a gadget free zone
  • Erogenous zone map of the body
  • Bath time
  • Is that a fetish?
  • Isn’t that BDSM?
  • What are the limitations for us because we are……
  • Self-play in the context of…….
  • What is included in “In abundance, overflowing” in the context of sex, if we are Christians?
  • All this before breakfast or a cup of tea, and on a Sunday – dear we?
  • Fantasy & role-play: A role or no role
  • Adventurous, within limits. What should be our limits
  • Do those positions really work for couples?
  • “I have questions”
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