Sexual Addictions Recovery Programme

Sexual Addictions Recovery Programme


Series 1-4 delivered by Video-on-demand.

Series 1: This is where it starts – SOBRIETY!
-6 Videos On-Demand + Digital Workbook 1

Series 2: Psycho-Education – “In all your getting, get understanding”
-6 Videos On-Demand + Digital Workbook 2

Series 3: Neuroscience of the Brain & Brain Response to Trauma and life’s issues
-6 Videos On-Demand + Digital Workbook 3

Series 4: Maintaining your gain, Banking it and at the same time Avoid Relapse – for the long term
-3 Videos On-Demand + Digital Workbook 4

Please note that we strongly advise enrolling in a Diagnostic Session before you embark on Series 1-4.

Pay in Full. Payment Plan Option


SERIES 1: SOBRIETY! – This is where it starts

Session 1: Sobriety starts here – Porn-Blockers and an Accountability Partner
Session 2: Focus on your cognitive activities not your behaviours – Take back control of your thinking
Session 3: Hollywood Greats – If its good enough for them, then maybe it’s right for you as well!
Session 4: The 3 Circles Exercise – Define the content of your sobriety and help your brain create demarcations
Session 5: Getting Your Tool Kit Sorted – Resourcing you with tools to manage your feelings
Session 6: Surfing The Urge – Practical tools to manage your urges by becoming more mindful

SERIES 2: Psycho-Education – In all your getting, get understanding

Session 1: Delaying Gratification – Understanding your inability to delay gratification and give in to temptation.
Session 2: Shame + Narcissism = Sex Addiction – Full explanation and a detailed insight into each of those terms at work in your life.
Session 3: Two Definitions of Narcissism – Looking in detail about two definitions of Narcissism.
Session 4: Better Understanding You – What a tall order; yet very achievable.
Session 5: “Core Values” – Values go to the core of who we are and how we would like to see life lived.
Session 6: Emotional Purpose of Behaviours – What Emotional Purpose do the behaviours play?

SERIES 3: Neuroscience of the Brain and Your Response to Trauma

Session 1: Attachment issues (part 1) – One of three ways that Sex, Porn, Love Addiction gets set up.
Session 2: Attachment issues (part 2) – Identify which of the 4 Attachment styles fit you.
Session 3: Brain functioning – Visualisations and pictures of the Brain structures and what they do.
Session 4: Triggers – Triggers, know yours, then Risk Manage how to avoid once identified.
Session 5: Neural Pathway – Create new Neural Pathways whilst deconstructing existing behaviours.
Session 6: Cognitive Distortions – Recognise Cognitive Distortions that are at work in the backgrounded.

SERIES 4: Maintaining your gain & Avoid Relapse

Session 1: Relapse Prevention Tools (part 1) – Mark your achievement.
Session 2: Relapse Prevention Tools (part 2) – Look back at what you have achieved.
Session 3: Taking Stock – A taking stock and review of a significant journey.

Also included – Digital Workbooks: 1-4


Each Kairos Changement Series is accompanied with a detailed Workbook helping you to understand all of the content shared. Consequently, it’s easy and convenient to review when you’re not using a screen or even when you are offline completely.


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