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Sex Addiction Therapy

Otherwise called hypersexuality, Ego-dystonic Hypersexuality, Sexual Impulse Control Disorder, Sexual Compulsivity or Paraphilic and non-Paraphilic sexual behaviour.

It is a Maladaptive pattern of sexual behaviour leading to clinically significant impairment or distress, as manifested by three or more number of key markers over a 12 month period. We know that brain development is a significant contributor. Mood altering sensations are enjoyable.

Neurochemical changes – which the brain likes- helps to cope with the stresses and issues in life. The brain will develope use dependency. Repeated acting out of desire becomes a must. Corrective action is needed at various and different levels to give back conscious and unconscious control of behaviour choices.

Addicts will risk paying a high price for the pleasures that come from acting out. The real pleasure is not so much the orgasm, but the chase for the ultimate experience.

Sex therapy intervention helps you to learn that you can survive without the constant sexual acting out. ..but don’t forget the partners who are affected and need help with the issues too

Sex & love addiction is not about sex; but don’t say that too loudly because their partners won’t believe you.

Undermine shame. Expose Narcissism and you are on your way to sobriety.


“Shame” maintains sex addiction. It is vital to understand the interplay between Shame and Guilt in maintaining sex addiction. Addiction and shame are inseparable. Shame and guilt are emotions causing negative self-evaluation. There is a difference between guilt and shame. Guilt says: ” This behaviour is bad”. Shame says: “I’m a bad person”.

Why can’t I get control? Why do I keep doing this? Why can’t I stop? I really don’t want to be doing this any more!

A thinking addiction!

So much about what is allowed to habitually surface in the mind. Recovery takes the form of CBT.

C” comes first for a reason. The Cognitive stuff going around in the mind. What you are dwelling on in the mind (unconsciously or consciously aware of) will become the thing you act upon at some point. The Cognitive becomes actual Behaviours. The “B” (Behaviour) is not what comes first. It is n inevitable manifestation of what was being played about with in the mind.

In the latest update of its catalogue of diseases and injuries (ICD) around the world, in June 2018 the WHO took a milestone leap towards legitimising the concept of Sex addiction, by acknowledging “compulsive sexual behaviour disorder” (CSBD) as a mental illness.

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“I was so ashamed of who I was. In my eyes, I was too ugly on the inside to reveal myself. I feared that if I did let people know, those I loved would totally reject and judge me for some of the things I’ve done. I struggled with love addiction because of some things that traumatised me through life finding that many of those incidents occurred in my childhood years. Kairos has been an amazing help on my journey of life. I have learnt so much about my brain and how it can be my best friend. I feel like my journey to freedom has begun. I’m hopeful of complete change and I’m learning to let go and love myself.”

Elliot, Bath

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