Sex Addicts Recovery Series

Sex Addicts Recovery Series


What’s included:

  • Full Kairos Sexual Addictions Recovery Program.
  • Video-on-demand: Series 1-4.
  • Immediate Self Help Therapy From Your Own Home.
  • Diagnostic Session NOT included.

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Please note there is NO Diagnostic Session with this option.

This is the Full Kairos Sex Addicts Recovery Series – Video-on-demand
Series 1-4, purchased with HUGE discount, a payment of only £980:

-Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 (21 Videos in total)
-Digital Workbooks 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Complimentary reading materials to assist your recovery)
-See exactly what’s included in the description below


The Kairos Sex Addicts Recovery Series has helped hundreds of people, just like you, recover from love, sex and porn addiction. And based on our experience, we recognise the need to access The Kairos Sex Addicts Recovery Series instantly. Therefore we are very proud to present the World’s first online video recovery programme.

The Kairos Sexual Addictions Changement Recovery Programme.

Please take some time to watch an introductory video.


SERIES 1: SOBRIETY! – This is where it starts


  • 1: Sobriety starts here – Porn-Blockers and an Accountability Partner
  • 2: Focus on your cognitive activities not your behaviours – Take back control of your thinking
  • 3: Hollywood Greats – If its good enough for them, then maybe it’s right for you as well!
  • 4: The 3 Circles Exercise – Define the content of your sobriety and help your brain create demarcations
  • 5: Getting Your Tool Kit Sorted – Resourcing you with tools to manage your feelings
  • 6: Surfing The Urge – Practical tools to manage your urges by becoming more mindful

SERIES 2: Psycho-Education – In all your getting, get understanding


  • 1: Delaying Gratification – Understanding your inability to delay gratification and give in to temptation.
  • 2: Shame + Narcissism = Sex Addiction – Full explanation and a detailed insight into each of those terms at work in your life.
  • 3: Two Definitions of Narcissism – Looking in detail about two definitions of Narcissism.
  • 4: Better Understanding You – What a tall order; yet very achievable.
  • 5: “Core Values” – Values go to the core of who we are and how we would like to see life lived.
  • 6: Emotional Purpose of Behaviours – What Emotional Purpose do the behaviours play?

SERIES 3: Neuroscience of the Brain and Your Response to Trauma


  • 1: Attachment issues (part 1) – Attachment issues (part 1) is one of three ways that Sex, Porn, Love Addiction gets set up.
  • 2: Attachment issues (part 2) Identify which of the 4 Attachment styles fit you.
  • 3: Brain functioning – Visualisations and pictures of the Brain structures and what they do.
  • 4: Triggers – Triggers, know yours, then Risk Manage how to avoid once identified.
  • 5: Neural Pathway – Create new Neural Pathways whilst deconstructing existing behaviours.
  • 6: Cognitive Distortions – Recognise Cognitive Distortions that are at work in the backgrounded.

SERIES 4: Maintaining your gain & Avoid Relapse


  • 1: Relapse Prevention Tools (part 1) – Mark your achievement.
  • 2: Relapse Prevention Tools (part 2) – Look back at what you have achieved.
  • 3: Taking Stock – A taking stock and review of a significant journey.

Also included – Digital Workbooks: 1-4


Each Kairos Changement Series is accompanied with a detailed Workbook helping you to understand all of the content shared. Consequently, it’s easy and convenient to review when you’re not using a screen or even when you are offline completely.


The Sex, Porn & Love Addiction Podcast – Over 5000 Downloads in just 6 months!

Helping you better understand Sex, Porn & Love Addiction; guiding you through the neuroscience of the brain and sharing what we now better understand about the brain’s involvement, from childhood development. To help you effect change; find the real authentic you (whose truth self went off at a tangent in childhood); so that as you discover and become re-acquainted with the real you, having learnt to like yourself, you are equipped to be the best that you can be.

Maximise the living of an increased quality of life; and on the journey, achieve recovery and sobriety from Sex, Porn & Love Addiction using The Kairos Centre Changement Recovery Online Webinar programme; bringing colour back to life – without shame.What may be the world’s first fully comprehensive Video-on-Demand Webinar Programme to help you gain sobriety and Recover from Sex, Porn, Love Addiction patterns of behaviour.

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