Sexual Addict Diagnostic Session

Sexual Addict Diagnostic Session

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Kairos Sexual Addict Diagnostic Session

Diagnostic Session One-to-One by a Senior Kairos Therapist – Changement Series 1-4 NOT included!

  • The process begins with 3 x One-to-One History Taking Sessions via secure and encrypted webcam.
  • Your Senior Kairos Therapist will then complete 2 x Feedback Sessions providing feedback as an informed hypothesis.

We strongly recommend booking a Diagnostic Session as the first step in your journey to recovery.


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Kairos Sexual Addict Diagnostic Session

Introduction to the Sexual Addict Diagnostic Sessions
A look at A to Z of The Kairos Centre Changement Recovery Programme content – from its start to completion of the programme. The purpose of the Diagnostic to identifying the templates and scripts set up in your life, arising from the adverse childhood influences that affected your development.

History Taking Questionnaire
The process begins with 3 x one-to-one History Taking Sessions via secure and encrypted webcam. Your therapist will ask some 220 questions to gain personal information from your birth to the present. Thereafter your therapist will deeply analyse the history taking information and compile findings.

Feedback Framework
The 2 x one-to-one Feedback Sessions will contain your therapists hypothesise. You are encouraged to record those 2 sessions due to the vast amount of information, insight and knowledge that comes out of such sessions. It is a formal diagnosis of “Do you or do you not have Sex, Porn or Love Addiction”. The feedback will also detail the setting up (Role, Function & Purpose) that certain behaviours serve in your life. Additionally what “Feeling-State” exists and has become the Neural Pathway of repetitive behaviours when triggered.

Sexual Addict Diagnostic Session

Trauma, Opportunity, Attachment issues are the 3 types that induce sex addiction and therefore become the triggers for ongoing “Acting Out”. Want to know more and better understand?

Many people experience some type of wounding during early development and learn to manage their emotions, but sometimes it gets the better of them. Sex addiction is not about sex. Sex is a symptom of an underlying problem. Sex is not the problem. It is a symptom and an outlet. We do not see with our eyes. We see with our brain. Want to know more; to better understand?

It is not the sex addiction activity that is wanted, but the feeling.

The chase is for the feeling and big risks and boundary crossing will be taken to get the feeling. We need to identify the underlying problem that is being sought to be met and treat that. Without doing so, then any treatment will shift the outlet to a different addiction waiting in the wings to take the place of sex addiction

The question is: What is the purpose, the role and function that the sex addiction serves. So, we should not really be talking in terms of “Sex” or “love” addiction, but more accurately, identify the feeling-state applicable to the behaviour – such as “Admiration addiction”, “affirmation addiction”, “endorsement addiction”, “Love addiction” etc. (ie what is the core need that is being sought)

Take back control. Become the best that you can be and take back control over your life by having the Sexual Addict Diagnostic Session.

We offer a brief telephone chat to answer any questions that you may have prior to booking. Text, email or phone The Kairos Centre.

Sessions will be via Secure webcam and so you can be based anywhere in the world and merely somewhere in the UK!

What can you expect by the end of the Sexual Addict Diagnostic Session?

  • Help you to better understand the issues which have been affecting your quality of life
  • Identify and clarify your current negative affects
  • Better understand how your past has its tentacles in your present and is affecting your future
  • Identify a road-map what you can do to align your present with your desired future – Convergence
  • Create immediate actionable steps toward resolving the issues and your vision, goal and desire
  • Strategize around what steps you could usefully take to resolve them – should you be so inclined
  • Enhancing your capacity and ability to be the best that you can be

The Sex, Porn & Love Addiction Podcast – Over 5000 Downloads in just 6 months!

Helping you better understand Sex, Porn & Love Addiction; guiding you through the neuroscience of the brain and sharing what we now better understand about the brain’s involvement, from childhood development. To help you effect change; find the real authentic you (whose truth self went off at a tangent in childhood); so that as you discover and become re-acquainted with the real you, having learnt to like yourself, you are equipped to be the best that you can be.

Maximise the living of an increased quality of life; and on the journey, achieve recovery and sobriety from Sex, Porn & Love Addiction using The Kairos Centre Changement Recovery Online Webinar programme; bringing colour back to life – without shame.What may be the world’s first fully comprehensive Video-on-Demand Webinar Programme to help you gain sobriety and Recover from Sex, Porn, Love Addiction patterns of behaviour.

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