Kairos Changement Series: 1

Kairos Changement Series: 1


SERIES 1: SOBRIETY! – This is where it starts

Session 1: Sobriety starts here – Porn-Blockers and an Accountability Partner.

Session 2: Focus on your cognitive activities not your behaviours – Take back control of your thinking.

Session 3: Hollywood Greats – If its good enough for them, then maybe it’s right for you as well!

Session 4: The 3 Circles Exercise – Define the content of your sobriety and help your brain create demarcations.

Session 5: Getting Your Tool Kit Sorted – Resourcing you with tools to manage your feelings.

Session 6: Surfing The Urge – Practical tools to manage your urges by becoming more mindful.


Digital Workbook: 1 – Each Kairos Changement Series is accompanied with a detailed Workbook.


SERIES 1: This is where it starts – SOBRIETY!

Session 1: Sobriety starts here 
Sobriety starts here with Porn-Blockers and an Accountability Partner; The Couple Recovery Plan Agreement (where it is the Couple in Recovery, not only the person with the behaviours!).

Session 2: Focus on your cognitive activities not your behaviours
It starts with your cognitive (step 1 to 5 activities), not with your behaviours; All about your thinking and taking back control of what for years you have allowed to go into your thinking and fantasy through the conduits of your visual, smell, sound and touch; they have set up the objectification and fantasy and low dose of Dopamine, Oxytocin and other neurochemical building over hours and days, leading to a trigger and strong desire to “Act out”. “Where did that trigger come from? – is often the retort. “If you can change your Mind, YOU can change your Life”. Literally, you can.Take back control of your eyes by using R.A.I.D, Bouncing, 3 seconds Rule and Journalling. We look at “What I wish I’d known before watching porn” and identify with the numerous others who share the same frustration. The behaviours always, but always end bad – even if not for many many years into your full lived life. They will always have cost you way more than you ever calculated. Let’s calculate the full cost and repercussions using and Exercise – Harmful Consequences.

Session 3: Hollywood Greats
Hollywood Greats with sex addiction attend 12 steps groups. If its good enough for them, then maybe its right for you as well! A significant support structure for your longer term recovery and is a from of group therapy, which has real good outcomes for many (but not on its own!). Why not “Rate the risks you are taking with your addiction” so you can re-assess the merits. Many see reciting “The Pillars” as the most helpful tool in a Programme like this – where they get to reset their cognition throughout the day and limit entrenching of triggers set up through the visual objectification and fantasy behaviours and activities.

Session 4: The 3 Circles Exercise
The 3 Circles Exercise enables you to define the content of your sobriety and help your brain create demarcations; knowing the Stages sex addiction Recovery Process emphasis that there can me no “quick fixes” to your recovery journey. The Kairos Centre Changement Recovery Programme is tried and tested by many hundreds and works; but you know the saying “You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. We shall lead you, but you need to drink. If you do, then you can expect veracity in your recovery journey. Sex & Technology – How did we get here? Knowing the Stages of Change you will go through on your journey, means you reflect upon the true Stage where you are at, so that you use the right tools for the right stage. Wrong tools at the wrong stage won’t result in Recovery.

Session 5: Getting Your Tool Kit Sorted
Resourcing you with tools to manage your feelings and emotions when you go into “Fight/Flight/Freeze”, panic, Dissociation and other emotional responses, through Exercises for breathing and finding your Calm/Safe/Peaceful Place.

Session 6: Surfing The Urge
Practical tools to manage Urge by Surfing The Urge, becoming more mindful with Mindfulness Techniques; Personalising your Cycle of Sex Addiction what yours looks like so that through the day you can better identify the stage you are at and act accordingly with the correct tool.

Digital Workbook: 1

Each Kairos Changement Series is accompanied with a detailed Workbook helping you to understand all of the content shared. Consequently, it’s easy and convenient to review when you’re not using a screen or even when you are offline completely.


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